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[VIDEO] Dems Butthurt and Frustrated That People Aren’t Interested in Impeachment Trial

The Democrats have unleashed impeachment sham #2 onto the country.


It’s not just President Trump that the Dems are violating with yet another absurd impeachment that will go nowhere – it’s the American people – who are suffering and struggling right now thanks to tyrannical lockdowns and off-the-charts disgust and disappointment with their government.

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Instead of working for the American people, the Dem-led Congress is once again ignoring our needs to carry out a pointless political hit job and using our money and our time to do it…and yet, they can’t understand why the American people are not excited and enthralled with this disgusting process.

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How out of touch can you be?

Take a look at what Lindsey said about the impeachment last night in a tweet:

Democrats are frustrated that more people are not engaged and interested in impeachment.

TV ratings are down, internet interest is down, and they can’t even keep the attention of the Senators in the chamber.


Senator Josh Hawley is using the impeachment clown show to work on other things in the upper gallery. He’s got his feet propped up on the chair and his nose stuck in a stack of papers while a man who was caught sleeping with a Chinese spy lectures the country on morals and patriotism.

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Not to mention, Rep. Swalwell also “incited violence” against President Trump back in 2019.


Dems are butthurt and frustrated that their latest political theater is a flop.

You can watch the video below:

The Dems must think the American people are stupid. Here they are calling for “unity” while dragging a former president through a pointless impeachment sham and angering 7ths 5+ million Americans at a time when division and tempers are flaring.

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We have Americans struggling to put food on their table right now, and Congress can’t find ways to help them, but they can find money and resources to put on a sham impeachment.
It’s infuriating and only goes to further bolster the “let them eat cake” attitude that our political elite has.


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