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SHOW NOTES: Cancel Gina Carano? Go Screw Yourselves…

SJW’s got Gina Carano fired from Star Wars, but we have her back (see SJWs Get Their Scalp: Gina Carano Fired from ‘The Mandalorian’). Because if The Mouse is canceling people over Nazi comparisons…

We’ve also got the latest from the SHAM impeachment trial. And did you know that Mark Cuban is an anti-American douche? All this and special guest TED CRUZ!

Cancel Gina Carano? Go Screw Yourselves… | Louder with Crowder


  • Jamie Raskin
    • CLAIM: Jamie Raskin opened his argument assuring the jurors that his case would be based on “cold hard facts.” SOURCE: Twitter
    • TRUTH: In the same opening argument, he presented a clearly selectively edited video to prove Trump’s speech incited violence. SOURCE: VOX
    • CLAIM: Impeachment manager David Cilliline presented evidence of a phone call between Trump and Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, alleging Trump pressured Tuberville to make additional objections to the electoral votes, and said Senator Mike Lee was a witness to the phone call. SOURCE: YouTube
    • TRUTH: Mike Lee challenged the evidence and said it was untrue, which led to Raskin retracting the article on the grounds it was false.
  • Eric Swalwell
    • CLAIM: Swalwell cited a tweet from Twitter user, Jennifer Lynn Lawrence, to prove Trump’s base was rebelling in his name.
    • TRUTH: The team doctored the image with a fake Twitter verification tick in an apparent attempt to add gravitas. Jennifer maintains she has never been Twitter verified. SOURCE: Twitter
  • Ted Lieu
    • CLAIM: Ted Lieu said Trump told Pence he’d “go down in history as a pussy.” SOURCE: NowThis
    • TRUTH: The quote was from a Washington Post article that sourced it from: “two people briefed on the conversation.” SOURCE: WaPo
    • #1: He accused Candace Owens of feeding into white nationalism and supporting Hitler. SOURCE: YouTube
    • #2: He suggested there would be riots if Trump fired Mueller. SOURCE: Twitter
    • #3: Even CNN called him out when he live-tweeted insults during Jeff Sessions’ Congressional testimony. SOURCE: Twitter
  • Stacey Plaskett
    • CLAIM: Plaskett claimed Trump knew about the storming, according to an article about an “ex-White House insider”
    • TRUTH: The article was based on “anonymous sources.” SOURCE: Independent
  • The impeachment team also used video from known anti-Trump activist, John Sullivan.
    • The watermark in the video has Sullivan’s alias, Jayden X, clearly displayed. SOURCE: Twitter
    • Here’s what John Sullivan is about. SOURCE: Twitter
      • Here’s a part of his Capitol footage they didn’t show you. SOURCE: YouTube
  • House Impeachment Managers presented a video that claimed at least 7 people died.
    • There were 5 reported deaths. The 7 count includes two officer suicides, which happened days after the riots, and no cause is known. SOURCE: CNN
    • Ashli Babbit, who was shot by Capitol police.
    • Someone who died of a “medical emergency.” SOURCE: Guardian
    • Two of the other five died of a heart attack and stroke. The times of death cannot be confirmed.
    • Officer Sicknick, originally reported as bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher. Sicknick’s autopsy has not been released, but reports have refuted he died from blunt force trauma. SOURCE: Independent
      • Sicknick texted his brother after returning from the riot saying he was OK but got pepper-sprayed twice. SOURCE: ProPublica
      • His family later learned he suffered a stroke and died on the 7th. SOURCE: ProPublica
      • Investigators have been unable to match the video of the officer being attacked with a fire extinguisher to Sicknick. SOURCE: CNN
    • At 2.38pm, 12 minutes after rioters entered, Trump tweeted: “Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. They are truly on the side of our Country. Stay peaceful!” SOURCE: Politifact
    • At 4.17pm, when Trump made his “We Love you” video, there had still been no deaths confirmed. SOURCE: YouTube
    • The first death was announced at 5.51pm, when Capitol Police confirmed Ashli had succumbed to her injuries. SOURCE: Twitter
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