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Iraq: DTM Emergency Tracking – Movement of Camp IDPs, 8 February – 21 February 2021

Country: Iraq
Source: International Organization for Migration

Please refer to the attached Infographic.


Between 8 and 21 February 2021, a total of 242 new households (1,286 individuals) have been recorded as arriving to non-camp settings following the closure of camps. A total of 7,204 households (36,666 individuals) have been recorded as arriving to non-camp settings since camp closures began in mid-October. 4 Of the total recorded arrivals since 18 October 2020, 2,039 households (28%) have not returned to their location of origin and are now considered to be secondarily displaced, while 5,165 households (72%) have returned to their respective village or neighborhood of origin and are considered to be returnees. In addition, 654 households (3,255 individuals) have been recorded as making additional secondary movements from one non-camp location to another after leaving their respective camp.
These movements mainly occurred in Khanaqin and Al-Muqdadiya districts in Diyala governorate. The main cause of these movements is reportedly due to households obtaining security clearance allowing for onward travel.

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The updated shelter data as at 21 February 2021 on new arrivals from camps shows that across 82 locations hosting a total of 1,309 households having arrived from camps, a majority were reportedly living in critical shelters. This was reported mainly in Al-Muqdadiya, Diyala (18 locations), followed by Al-Shirqat, Salah al-Din (15) and Al-Hawiga, Kirkuk (14). Additionally, at least one household was reported to be living in critical shelters in nearly 25% of all locations of arrival (157 locations).

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