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Fireball Erupts After Tractor-Trailer Collides with Train Carrying Petroleum in Texas

A massive explosion produced a fireball Tuesday near Cameron, Texas, after a tractor-trailer collided with a train carrying petroleum.

Houses near the collision were evacuated as a precaution, according to KXXV-TV.

Despite the massive fireball, officials said neither the driver of the tractor-trailer nor the train’s engineer were injured.

In addition to petroleum, the train was carrying coal.

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The collision took place at about 6:40 a.m.

Smoke from the fire could be seen for miles.

Because of the intense heat produced by the blaze, firefighters planned to allow it to burn for some time before trying to extinguish the flames.

Cameron Police Chief Lonnie Gosch said five of the train’s 110 cars caught fire, according to KXAN-TV.

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Milam County Sheriff Chris White said there are “no reports of chemical hazards.”

Radio station KMIL-FM posted updates on its Facebook page.

“Cameron Fire Chief Henry Horelica said several cars remain ablaze at this hour. He also corrected an earlier report in that no residence had caught fire, though 2 sheds near a home had burned,” the station reported.

According to KMIL, at least 11 cars were involved in the crash. KXAN reported that approximately 13 were derailed.

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“[Horelica] also indicated at least 2 structures were impending and crews were unable to reach them due to intense heat and flames. Evacuations are mostly complete and fire crews expect to remain on site the rest of today and into the night,” the station reported.

“HAZMAT teams are on their way from College Station and Temple.”

An earlier update quoted Gosch as saying three cars with fuel were the ones burning.

“The flames are said to be generating an intense amount of heat,” the report noted.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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