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Dr. Ben Carson Just Proved His Loyalty to Trump With This Big Bold Move

If there’s one thing we need in this movement it’s loyalty.


There have been so many liars, users, and grifters who’ve ridden President Trump’s coattails for their own selfish needs and wants.

But there’s also been a lot of good souls, who believe in President Tump’s “America First” vision, and who have stood by him through it all.

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And one of those people is Dr. Ben Carson.

Dr. Ben and President Trump have been very good friends since the Republican primary, and the two have been loyal to one another.

But now, as President trump needs loyal allies and friends most, Dr. Ben is heeding that call and going above and beyond to help President Trump, his movement, and to crush the GOP establishment.

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From Western Journal

As a former Johns Hopkins pediatric brain surgeon and Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson is unquestionably a brilliant man with keen political instincts.

And he believes in Donald Trump.

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Carson – one of only four Cabinet secretaries to have held his post for the entirety of Trump’s presidency – discussed his former boss’ impeachment, social media deplatforming and political future.

The former secretary of Housing and Urban Development explained that the impeachment of Trump following the Jan. 6 incursion into the Capitol was a “ridiculous” and failed effort by Democrats and “swamp creature” Republicans to vanquish Trump politically “because they’re terrified” of him.

“That’s the reason that you know all this effort was put into this ridiculous impeachment. Yeah, they want to make sure that he stayed in his box and didn’t come back because they’re terrified,” he said.

“Not just Democrats are terrified, but Republicans who are swamp creatures are also afraid.”


Given the high degree of enthusiasm and support for Trump, his political opponents from both parties “want[ed] to make sure that he stayed in his box and didn’t come back,” Carson explained.

When asked whether Trump could mount a presidential comeback, Carson’s response was unequivocal: “Of course. Of course.”

It seems their fear is well-founded.

Dr. Carson is committed to helping President Trump and all other America First politicians.

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And he’s putting his money and reputation where his mouth is to prove his loyalty and dedication to the America First movement.


And in order to make a difference and a big, bold impact, Dr. Carson just launched a conservative advocacy group called the “American Cornerstone Institute.”

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Dr. Carson will use his new group to take on the Big Tech overlords and their censorship of Trump and others.


We need more of this…it’s time for us to fight these communists tooth and nail.


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