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Beware the leaping of the whale

I was making small talk with a young political science major recently, and I inquired if he was familiar with the famous words of Santayana. The university student responded excitedly, “Of course. Black Magic Woman is one my favorite rock songs.” The sad irony of his reply hardly fazed me, as I’ve long been aware that the American university system (and the social media menace) has become quite successful at getting our young people so blind they can’t see, a sinister precursor to making the devil out them and dooming us to repeat the tragic mistakes of our past. This symptom of an utterly deluded generation, ignorant of its history, succinctly encapsulates the present condition of American society and ominously foreshadows our imminent future.

How else can it be that Americans have reached a point that they are willing to abdicate their immutable, invaluable, God-given rights in response to an average flu season? Why else would a society that enshrined freedom of speech as its foremost constitutionally protected right now be so apathetic to the outright censorship of it’s populace? Under these circumstances, no one should be surprised by the fact that we now live in a time where those in power were willing to jump a shark so big it makes the The Meg look like a minnow – more specifically, the outright theft of a Presidential election.

Such an episode has had the effect of rendering events like military purges, rule by fiat, calls for the execution and imprisonment of law abiding every day citizens, and other equally insane contemporary practices minor infractions against our hallowed founding principles. All this serves to beg the frightening questions: On the sprightly heels of such easily accomplished offenses, what bigger, more atrocious events await us? What will be the nature of, and how should we prepare for the leaping of the whale?

As an avid chess player, one practical lesson I begrudgingly learned as a consequence of many a humiliating checkmate is that “serial killer’s disease” is a fatal condition. That is to say, lack of empathy, or an inability to consider the situation from the perspective of one’s adversary is vital for survival. Likewise, if traditional patriotic Americans wish to avoid a catastrophic defeat at the hands of those who despise them, it serves us well to contemplate the strategic ideas of our foes and the tactics they will use to achieve it.

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The second impeachment of Donald Trump has been the subject of much speculation and controversy lately, and many reasonable cases have have been made for it’s ulterior motives, though for my own part, I suspect such a legislative kangaroo court to be prophylactic rather than aggressive in its ends. To my mind, its main purpose is to throw much needed red meat to the administration’s deceptively small base of anti-Trump zealots and propagandize the rest, while at the same serving as a Sword of Damocles over Trump himself, silencing him through the threat of self-incrimination. In truth, a cabal so brazen as to collude to rig an American election would have no qualms about taking the more practical approach of simply seizing Trump and having him summarily executed for domestic terrorism, hence leaping the whale.

With the removal of the conservative majority’s incredibly powerful figurehead, as our failed Santayanan scholar illustrated in the beginning of this article, there’s no reason to suspect a large portion of Americans wouldn’t soon thereafter be blindsided by more substantial atrocities, following the precedent of equally jaw-dropping Jaws-jumping such as The Night of the Long Knives, or the the Soviet Great Purge of the 1930’s. In light of this, the aforementioned military stand down order along with the arrests and de-platforming of conservative media figures are chilling developments, though as simple as hopping over a hammerhead for the current regime.

From such a footing, perhaps it would not be so big a bound to consummate the commission more extreme evils, facilitated in no small way by the repressive rules of COVID hysteria now firmly entrenched in our culture. Ask yourself how many young Americans you know today that are sufficiently studied in the horrific holocausts of the past, be they at the hands of Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Stalin, Idi Amin, and so on. Perhaps you may then allow it is in fact not such a giant leap, but only a small step for our present government to initiate a new era of darkness for mankind.

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