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Bangladesh: The impact of anticipatory cash transfers in climate disaster response, Preliminary Findings February 17, 2021

Country: Bangladesh
Source: University of Oxford

Please refer to the attached file.

Bangladesh: Anticipatory action can work at scale

• More than 220,000 people received support before peak floods at a total cost of $2.8 million from CERF.

  • Multi‐purpose, unconditional cash to 22,434 families.

  • Water‐tight storage for 7,000 families.

  • Animal feed for some 11,761 families.

  • Hygiene and dignity kits for 10,455 women, girls and transgender people.

  • Save delivery kits benefited 4,320 women.

  • 600 pre‐positioned post rape treatment kits.

THE RIGHT MONK:   Logistics Cluster in Burkina Faso, January 2021

• 5,355 people with disabilities. 451 transgender people.

• 3 UN agencies, IFRC, BDRCS, 10 local NGOs and government.

  • Proof of concept of collective, scaled‐up anticipatory action.

  • Demonstrated the feasibility of scaling anticipatory action with CERF funding.

  • Brought greater attention to the potential value and impact of anticipatory action.

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